How much does it cost for a hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico? Let's find out now.

Hair transplant

Hair Transplant Increase in Mexico

The surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, are skilled, which has attracted a lot of tourists for hair transplants from across the world.

Benefits of a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant helps an individual have an amazing look and improves their self-confidence. Also, it's maintenance-free once the surgery is done.

Reasons for Choosing Tijuana

1) Effective Cost: The cost here is low as compared to the US and Canada. 2) Patient care: highly skilled surgeons with advanced technology.

Top Hair Transplant Clinics in Tijuana 

1) Tijuana Hair Clinic: has experienced staff and high facilities. 2) Baja Hair Center: specializes in both FUE and FUT methods.ts.

Cost of Hair Transplantation in Tijuana

1) Basic FUE process: $2.5k–$3.5k 2) Advanced FUE Process: $4.5k–$6.5k 3) Full-scale FUE process: differs based on assessment

Planing a Hair Transplant in Tijuana

1) Plan the transplant with consultation. 2) Many clinics offer hotel stays and transportation plans, so check them out.

In the article linked below, have a look at the detailed information regarding the hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico, and its costs.